Website Design

Create a strong foundation for your company by launching a website that matches the goals and vision of your company. WebWhim is in the top 2% of web design agencies around Cambridge based on the page load speeds of their WordPress websites. We can design you a new “brochure” or eCommerce website from start to finish or modernise and speed up your existing website.
Less frustration and more engagement, your website will load faster!

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Websites and emails


Do I need a new website? Your business's website needs to look great and load fast, or your customers may never find you. To attract more customers and stay competitive, modern websites must work equally well on both desktop and mobile devices. If your current websites lack any of these main features, we will help you make all the necessary improvements. Our website design will comply with the Google Page Experience Update by achieving a mobile Google PageSpeed Insights score above 90 for critical pages on your website. By using a CDN, we improve page loading speed for international visitors to your website.
PatanAlyse Ltd
Sturmer Hall Hotel & Conference Center
Life Science Forums & Conferences

Websites for IDTechEx Show
Santa Clara, USA 2019
Events at the IDTechEx Show!
Berlin, Germany 2019
Medical Innovations Forums
Off Grid Energy Independence. Berlin 2018
Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 2017
Website for Studio 12. Interior design.
Studio 12
Legacy Design 2008
Legacy Design 2007
Ridgeons Timber and Builders Merchants
Ridgeons Timber & Builders Merchants
Legacy Design 2006

You Name It Have It

HTML Emails

Are HTML emails still useful? Emails are a reliable way of conducting business. They are straightforward and eco-friendly, and they've been proven to work. Many businesses use social media for advertising their goods and services. However, they might risk missing out on a significant majority of potential viewers, who either avoid social media or block ads on their computers. HTML email is not strictly limited in the amount of text and images it can include, giving you more freedom when presenting your message. Below, see a few live examples of promotional emails that we have created for our leading clients. We can build you an email that captures the attention of your customers!

SEO & Page Speed

We keep up with the latest techniques for website optimization to increase download speed, ensuring that your site ranks best in SEO and providing protection from cyber attacks. We will share with your marketing team the new powerful features of, which help to improve your keyword ranking. We help you choose high-performance, reputable hosting providers to meet your website’s technical requirements. We use the CDN edge HTML caching and BunnyCDN Perma-Cache services. Optimising your website while ensuring great affordability is possible using hosting plans as low as $10 per month. We reduce loading time by fine-tuning existing settings and eliminating render-blocking assets to ensure your site loads up to ten times faster.
Website best practices are changing rapidly. What was popular last year is no longer fashionable today. The requirement for responsive design has been switched to mobile-first indexing by Google. Commercial host providers who were once a godsend to bloggers are now at the back of league tables. The best SEO plugin of the last decade, Yoast, has been overtaken by Rank Math. In the beginning, design efforts were limited to selecting the most appropriate WordPress theme. Starting with 2020, Elementor Pro radically changed the game by releasing Theme Builder for creating bespoke WordPress sites.  And now the new plugin Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks is disrupting other page building tools by offering to score a perfect 100 percent in the Google Mobile PageSpeed Insights test.

Design and Website Content

  1. “Discovery” session with the client team to learn about the company and its goals before starting the website design; collecting existing marketing assets and discussing project milestones
  2. Choosing and switching to the best provider of LiteSpeed web hosting
  3. Developing a website prototype in AdobeXD or Figma to confirm design choices with your team; we can skip this step if you’re migrating from Wix, Shopify, SquareSpace, or Weebly
  4. Providing results of the keyword research – identifying words that are searched frequently but poorly represented on the web
  5. Dicussing specific combination of keywords to be emphaised for on-page SEO optimisation for each separate page of website
  6. We need a perfect combination of key messages, text, images, and white space to create a clean and modern design for your website; we will use an Artificial Intelligence Copywrite assistant for creating a copy that is full of good quality content
  7. BunnyCDN’s $1 monthly cost for 100 GB of traffic will allow you to have background video up to 15 seconds long – following current trends in web design; and we go on to explain how the Presto Player plugin fetches rich functionality related to integrated video content on your web pages
  8. Finalising images, which includes bespoke icons, infographics and animated banners; approving preliminary text
  9. Suggesting alternatives to WooCommerce – integrating product catalogue, inventory, pricing, and checkout functionality with embedded solutions such as WP Shopify or Ecwid; this way, we can have the benefits of having these systems as a backend office while designing the shiny storefront in WordPress


  1. Building your website in WordPress using Kadence Blocks, Kadence Theme, and, if necessary, an Elementor Pro according to the approved design
  2. Integrating selected eCommerce options to help your team sell products or services; offering consistent design for branded shops on multiple channels, including Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Google Merchant Center
  3. Providing multilingual support for your website visitors from different countries by utilizing the TranslatePress plugin with automatic translation provided by powerful artificial intelligence DeepL algorithm trained to understand and translate texts

Speed optimisation

  1. Designing and optimising a webpage to load quickly involves using LiteSpeed Cache, Asset CleanUp, OMGF, CAOS, and WP Meteor plugins
  2. Adding a Mega-menu to your site for both desktop and mobile views
  3. JavaScript code generated by Elementor is bloated; therefore, we use Kadence Blocks for building most pages on your website to ensure faster-loading speeds and improved SEO; slower loading pages rank lower and do not convert as many paid clicks
  4. Configuring Edge HTML Caching on CDN; adding the BunnyCDN account and configure its Perma-Cache for your video-library assets
  5. Setting up separate Cron Jobs for automatically warming up the cache on the original hosting server; this way, any purging of the cache will still result in a 100% hit rate to your website’s content, and it should load faster
  6. Reviewing the Lighthouse score and implementing any additional recommendations to improve the ranking further

SEO optimisation, security, and documentation

  1. Setting up technical SEO optimisation through Rank Math, implementing schema markup with rich snippets, and performing a technical SEO audit
  2. Installing  WP-optimize plugins, setting up automatic weekly database cleanup for improved security protection
  3. Helping with updating the Google My Business account and setting up Google Analytics tracker
  4. Postponing loading and execution of Google Analytics JS to improve the page speed score
  5. Documenting the settings of your eCommerce store, parameters of major plugins, and key steps for speeding up the website to simplify future redesigns by other agencies
  6. Final workshop for handing over the editing of the website to your marketing team; training your team in using BuzzSumo,,, OpenAI GPT-3 semantic tools like or its cheaper alternatives like ShortlyAINichesss and ClosersCopy, text analysing tools SurferSEO, TextOptimizer, and Rank Math to write new blogs for content marketing, social media posts, engaging emails, and optimising the text on your website

Post-project support

  1. Expert advice that will help you navigate the maze of SEO; hands-on assistance for backlink building as a part of SEO support for your new website
  2. Support in preparing banners for your Google My Business Posts;  assistance in scheduling your social media posts on Sociamonials platforms
  3. Ongoing support would include designing HTML emails for marketing campaigns, animated banners for social media, maintaining the website and improving its loading speed; it also includes publishing monthly blog posts and incremental modifications of the design of the website.