Branding Design

Is your corporate style in need of a makeover? Are you a new startup working to achieving global recognition? Are you running annual events that have to be fresh yet recognisable? We tailor the design and colour scheme of your logo, business card, event signage, and handouts to help you market yourself effectively. We design presentations and brochures to suit your needs and build your website for digital promotion.

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Event branding concept development

Corporate Colours

Corporate color schemes vary widely depending on the nature of your business. To decide which colour scheme to implement into a design for a particular company, WebWhim will research the client's product line and brainstorm different options. When making decisions, we rely on research about the psychology of colours and how different colours can evoke feelings. For example, research has shown that physically demanding work is improved by bright and light colours. Gentle yet deep at the same time - these curious palettes will stimulate your mental and visual activities.

Corporate PowerPoint Template

Do you need a corporate PowerPoint template? Everyone who cares about their brand reputation and wants to keep their brand recognisable would appreciate consistency in any kind of design project. There are no shortcuts to success, but there is a right and wrong way of reaching it. Companies always want to convince clients that their product is the best and that they have excellent service. Thus you need continuity between your slides, website and email correspondence. Preparing for every new presentation can be time-consuming, but having a PowerPoint template makes it more efficient.

Promotion Design

We understand how hard it is to get your product noticed and convince people that it's worth considering. We help you promote your business through social media, events, or posted leaflets. We offer tailored work for any customer in any industry. It can be difficult to know how much attention you should give each media channel. There might be communication methods you would think are more efficient, but your priorities will change as you learn which option yields the best outcome and what works effectively for your company. Do not underestimate any option before trying!
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Column Wrap
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HTML emails
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Advertising Boards

Social Media

When it comes to social media, we’ve got you covered. Our banner ads, with the burst of personality that they offer, will help you get the most out of your social media campaign. Our eye-catching graphics will make your posts stand out and come alive with cool clours that we can customise with a wide variety of styles for different campaigns. We can develop a range of creative designs, from infographics to animated banners and video. All of our work is tailored to leave you free to focus on what really matters: engaging content creation.

Motion Graphics

We have experience creating a variety of short-form video content for online marketing - from product demonstrations, company introductions to potential customers, interviews with industry experts, your clients or just about anything in between. We can insert text on the screen and use simple animation techniques to make it come to life! WebWhim provides you with everything you’ll need to market your products and services online or grow your brand recognition.

Branding Services

  • Developing a distinct corporate style, including color scheme
  • Designing a new logo or refreshing existent one
  • Creating a corporate PowerPoint template and designing main marketing and selling slides
  • Creating Infographics, animated banners and video for social media posts
  • Producing video for your website: company presentation, product introduction, interviews with clients
  • Adjusting graphics and formatting HTML templates for email marketing campaigns
  • Designing leaflets and brochures for distribution through the website or as a part of a marketing campaign
  • Designing promotional digital and printed materials for your booth at trade show events
  • Sending digital files and overseeing the printing process