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Design for print

Print Design

Many people still like the look, feel and smell of nicely designed, freshly printed booklets and magazines which are fast disappearing in our digitised world. Paper copies of show guides and product catalogues are still the trophies which many attendees like to bring back from a conference or a tradeshow. Appealing signage, displays and registration desks are essential for the attendees of a physical conference or a tradeshow. We have experience designing large displays, point of sales, pop-up banners, stands and registration desks that serve its purpose and look great on photos and videos posted on social media.
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Pull Up Banners
Event Props

Web Design

The slow performing websites belong to the past. We can provide you with a fresh, modern, clean, bespoke web design tuned to your requirements while still loading in less than 3 seconds on both desktop and mobile devices. We do our best to keep up with the latest techniques for SEO and speed optimisation. We aim to design websites with a good Google ranking which also provide customers with excellent user experience (UX). We go beyond delivering working WordPress websites designed with Elementor Pro for eCommerce. We install and configure critical plugins like LiteSpeed Cache, Wordfence, Rank Math, Asset CleanUp and integrate with the Cloudflare and BunnyCDN services. We document your website settings and curate relocation to the hosting providers who currently offer the best value for money for the speed, reliability, and technical support. Our clients can always count on our loyal and fast response to any maintenance and future redesign needs.

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HTML emails
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Design for print

Grapgic Design

The purpose of graphic artwork is fare beyond to be pleasantly entertaining! It is a great way to visualise and communicate your company’s message to the world. Whichever media you prefer, your business needs a logo, powerful pictures, icons and infographic: unique and impactful they convey your message and encourage further reading. Your logo is a signature of your brand. You should use multiple pictures to introduce your team, services, products, facilities. The consistent usage of appealing icons will help to browse your content more efficiently. The infographic is perfect for visualising complex data or a process. We will be delighted to design a bespoke professional artwork tailored to your business needs. You can rely on us to take and process high-quality photos and videos for your website, social media, or the digital or printed distribution.
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Software Solution
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Power Point
Pastel Crayons

Expand the reach of your business!

We have over fifteen years of commercial experience for successfully delivering a whole spectrum of different creative projects: corporate branding, printed and online promotional materials, corporate PowerPoint slides, websites, animated artwork for social media posts, HTML emails, promotion video, exhibition banners, and display panels.
Most businesses have their plans jeopardised by COVID-19. WebWhim can help all our customers adapt to the new reality and prosper in post-COVID settings. We are happy to help with any design requirements – either a simple fix to existing marketing assets or the most challenging tasks.
WebWhim offers its customers an advantage over the competition by providing integrated capabilities for creative graphics, motion graphics, and web designs to efficiently communicate business messages to the right audience and win more customers.

Our Toolbox


Adobe CC

Adobe Creative Cloud is our favourite working tool for designing tasks. We like using InDesign and Adobe Acrobat for our brochures, business cards, and magazines. Nothing can beat Premier Pro and After Effect if we asked to create and edit your videos. Dreamweaver provides us with the functionality when we manually code HTML for email and webpage components. Illustrator and PhotoShop… do we need to say more!

UI prototyping

We like it when our design workflow is efficient and provides our clients with an active role in approving design versions. To achieve this, we are using Adobe XD or Figma – two leading platforms for prototyping websites and app UIs. Starting from wireframing the website architecture, we produce realistic working prototypes with clickable buttons and visual effects. Clients are involved in making comments and approving changes. We will then build such website or hand it over to your web-developer.

WordPress CMS

More than 40%  of most highly-trafficked websites are built using WordPress, and the share is still growing by 4% every year. WordPress, without a doubt, is now the world’s most popular way to build a website. It comes with numerous highly recommended security and optimisation plugins, along with specialised plugins adding cool functionality and effects to your website, which are otherwise impossible to get without using a professional web developer. WordPress website requires infrequent on-demand support once the build is finalised but provides the website owner with control over editing the web-content.


Bootstrap Design System

Developed by Twitter and available free from GitHub, Bootstrap is a robust front-end framework used to create modern websites and web apps. About 43,000 corporations reportedly use Bootstrap in their tech stacks, including Spotify, Intel, Walmart, Alibaba, and Udemy. It’s open-source, yet features numerous HTML and CSS templates for UI interface elements such as buttons and forms. Bootstrap Grid System supports responsive design, and further functionality is achieved via JavaScript extensions.